What is Bwise ?

BWISE is a universal cryptocurrency platform which enables users to carry out transactions in cryptocurrency. It is important to understand that the BWISE platform does not buy or sell anything and can in no way influence the rates of the traded currency pairs’ all trades are routed through API to major exchanges.
BWISE charges a specific percentage (1%) of the user’s transaction amount as a commission for providing trading security and convenience.
Before registering we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the main terms and conditions:

How does Bwise work ?

BWISE accepts funds and cryptocurrency from users, after which they are able to carry out trading operations using the funds they have placed in their user wallets. In other words, BWISE gives users the opportunity to buy/sell/exchange cryptocurrency and fiat money. The BWISE platform itself does not buy or sell anything – all operations are carried out exclusively by its users.

How do I start trading on BWISE?

To get started you need to create a user account and deposit some funds in it using one of the methods indicated in the tab wallet for cryptos or deposit for credit card deposit or bank transfer.
After topping up your account you can sell or buy cryptocurrency using simple or extended trading options. The BWISE cryptocurrency platform automatically displays the best price for the user and all transactions on your home page and in your account profile.

Is it safe to use BWISE?

BWISE’s top priority is the reliability and security of its users’ funds and personal data.
BWISE has done everything possible to ensure complete security when working on the platform. However, you must remember that BWISE cannot guarantee the safekeeping of funds and data kept on a user’s computer. You are therefore advised to take the following actions to ensure safety:
– use official wallet to keep your cryptocurrency;
– encode your personal crypto wallet your user account;
– use good antivirus software;
– make sure that nobody has access to a device on which funds or passwords are stored;
– use the most complicated passwords possible for your account, mailbox and encoded wallet on your computer.
Remember that you yourself are responsible for keeping your funds secure after withdrawing them from the platform.

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